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Founded in 2000, Inventorprise, Inc., solves the needs of individuals and businesses to affordably protect their ideas through U.S. patents. Located in the high-tech corridor of upstate New York, Inventorprise has combined the best practices of powerful software, patent law expertise, and engineering savvy to devise solutions that help the average inventor survive and thrive.

Our mission? Partner with individuals, inventor groups and small businesses to help them protect their most precious asset: their intellectual property. With our PatentEase® software, it’s easier than ever for inventive people to safeguard their ideas utilizing the power of the law, yet at greatly reduced costs.

Enabling our impressive growth are an experienced staff, significant investment, and rapidly expanding portfolio of satisfied customers spreading the word of our success.

Why PatentEase?

For centuries, civilization has proven that nothing is more powerful than ideas. Yet without safeguards and protection, ideas that can transform and enrich our culture might be lost, forgotten or even stolen outright.

Now with PatentEase, entrepreneurs can cost-effectively shield the potential of their ideas by filing for full-utility U.S. patents. So effective is our software, it can save creative individuals 90 percent or more on typical legal fees by eliminating the need for most or all patent lawyer assistance.

What’s ahead?

We have great plans for enhancing PatentEase – and for creating even more products and services. In time, we also plan to connect independent inventors with experts and organizations that can help them manufacture, sell, or even license soon-to-be-patented inventions.

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