PatentEase testimonial

December 20, 2012

I bought your product five years ago. At that time hiring a patent attorney for the going rate of five thousand dollars just wasn't in the budget.

I am happy to report that we just received an issued patent from the U.S. patent office this month. I am writing to thank you for making such a great product that works at a very affordable price.

I would recommend Patent Ease to anyone who wants to save thousands of dollars to develop a patent application that has a realistic chance of being approved.

Thank you for developing such a great alternative to what would have been a prohibitively costly endeavor.

Albert Anderson
Partner in charge of Research and Development

April 6, 2012

I used [PatentEase DELUXE] to create a provisional utility application and then its follow-on non-provisional utility application that is on my examiner's desk…your product was easy to use…My patent attorney was impressed by how complete the application was.

Richard D. Green
Green Energetics

June 28, 2011

If you’re looking at Patentease because you don’t want, or can’t afford to pay a patent attorney, consider yourself fortunate. A lot of people have no idea this resource is available. Obtaining a patent can seem overwhelming. Patentease guides you through each step, much like having a professional at your side.

Patentease is surprisingly user-friendly, making it simple to provide the correct content and formatting of your provisional and final patent [application] submission.

Patentease ‘Provisional’ [and the USPTO Provisional Application for Patent program] will ensure you’re protected, giving you a year for improvements and marketing, all while preparing you for your final patent [application] submission by way of a seamless upgrade to the ‘Deluxe’ version of Patentease.

Even if you are going to employ a patent attorney, Patentease can save you a load of money by cutting a majority of your attorneys’ pay time and allow you to use him for a review of your patent [application] submission.

If you’re serious about protecting your unique idea, feel confident and start right away with the VERY EASY TO USE Patentease.

(I always want people to spell things out for me, so there you go)
Unpaid, unsolicited, honest review.

James F. Stone
Seattle WA

October 19, 2010

We want to send you this heartfelt thank you for all the work you put into helping us with our non-provisional patent application. We had spent the better part of six months trying to find the right words to put into our patent application, and your PatentEaseU.S. Patent Application Software was just what we needed to finally complete it. The software was easy to use, filled with informative tutorials, but we still had some questions. When we called your office to ask how to do this or that, you provided swift, helpful and, frankly, brilliant assistance which helped immensely and led to our being able to file the patent on time. Literally three weeks after installing your PatentEase program on our computer, our patent application was done!
I am confident that Inventorprise is a high-quality company, and will continue to recommend PatentEase to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work!

Susan and Aleko Frankman
Inventors of the Bo-Buster™

February 10, 2010

Without your product, 'PatentEase', I'd never have gotten my full-utility patent [application] in on time. Keep up the good work.

Dan McCarthy
Independent Inventor

March 28, 2009

I had some time this weekend to review the Patent Ease program. I thought it was a great, very well put together and easy to follow. It wasn't a bit intimidating. It offers an explanation / help in three different, pop-up help screen or tutorial... and very easy to understand. I feel it would be well worth any inventors investment. It's a great starting point for first timers. It would give them a good insight - it's easy to understand - as to what a patent application ( utility, design or provisional ) entails and what information the attorney is going to need from them. Just using this as a template for a rough draft to bring to their attorney would save time and money.

Cathy Solich
Product Developer and President
Sundown Products, LLC

February 24, 2009

I finished three complete Utility patent applications in three weeks. One of them was a very complex rotary engine. I could never have finished the claims without this very remarkable software. The outline helps you organize your story and information intuitively. As you go through the program step by step, your project is also done in more manageable chunks; It doesn't seem so impossibly large. Changes to elements in your invention are carried through to the claims automatically. The software saved me thousands over hiring a lawyer or even those "doityourself" sites that have terrible service and never give names (believe me, I know). And since the format is done correctly automatically, you don't get minor correction notices from the USPTO.

Morris B.
San Leandro CA

February 16, 2009

I want to thank you for your great product, PatentEase. I was floundering around for months trying to figure out how to file a patent, when I came across your product. It has made the application process so much easier! After having gone through the process, using PatentEase, I know that there is no way I could have put the patent application together by myself. Also, one of the greatest benefits, is that I still have the program to file future patents! Every small business should have a copy of this on hand. This small investment saves tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and helps maintain your competitive edge. Thanks again for making such an awesome product and for your outstanding customer support!

Dave Bartkowski
Quilled Creations

January 19, 2009

This is the greatest patent writing program I have ever reviewed. I can endorse it tremendously. I could not believe how accurately it created the claims.

Roy Abell
Quadriplegic, Inventor and Marketer

October 9, 2008

You have a great product!

Ron Kmetovicz

October 6, 2008

Filed 6 patents with PatentEase and have several more that I will file when there is time

E. Gerry Hawkes

October 6, 2008

Used [PatentEase] to submit a Provisional Patent. Lawyer (Patent Attorney) said it was the best provisional that he had seen! :)

Paul & Tammi Klaco

October 6, 2008

[PatentEase] is very efficient and user friendly. [When I contacted technical support] I was helped in a friendly and courteous manner. I'm very satisfied.

Julio C. Lugo

February 26, 2008

Every inventor should start with PatentEase. There’s no quicker way to learn; no less expensive way to deal with the complexities of the U.S. Patent System.

Don Kelly
Former Director of Independent Inventor Programs
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

June 21, 2007

I have been a consultant on inventions and the patenting process for many years; helping---for little or no cost---those with ideas on how to get their inventions patented. I came across the product PatentEase about three years ago and have found it to be AMAZING in it's layout and ease of use. As I use it myself, I have found the tech support to be the BEST I have ever experienced---and I have been on the phone for many hours with various software companies. I recommend this product to all who venture where inventors go . . . to the USPTO.

Rish Reinen

June 15, 2006

...the more I use it, the more I like it...
When I show other inventors how I submitted my utility patent, they're always impressed with how easy the PatentEase software is and ecstatic over how much money they save.

Paul Mapstone
Inventor of the Ellipticycle

June 14, 2006

I had a lawyer look over the patent that I wrote using your software and with the exception of adjusting some claims and suggesting that I add one more, it was approved. The lawyer bill was not bad either, the cost was no where close to what it would have been if I had not used your software. Thanks again.

Buck Albritton
Vice President
Gearmax Inc

June 1, 2006

I don't have a law background. In fact, I never went to college. I just completed my patent application in about 50 hours using your PatentEase product. Compare this to the 160 hours for each of the previous three patents I did a few years ago. In addition, the scope of my latest patent was definitely much broader to begin with, so obviously a huge savings there. I was also very impressed with how the software actually generated the claims, which is the legal heart of the patent. Slick. I'm estimating my next patent will take perhaps 40 hours. I'd highly, highly recommend to anyone to take a shot at their patent with PatentEase before spending a dime on a patent attorney, and I'd challenge anyone to tell the difference between my patent application and one written by an experienced patent attorney.

Liam Scanlan
Aqualocks Corporation

April 16, 2006

...when I bought your program I had no idea how comprehensive it was and didn't expect the level of help you offered. I have been able to breeze through the final prep of my application thanks to you and a quick response to my email. Chalk up a happy customer here.

Tim Waters

February 20, 2005

I was issued a patent within one year of submitting my patent application. Most people never get past patent pending or have to go back to the drawing board several times due to a lack of detail in their application. I'm convinced that the simple and easy to use PatentEase software, which leaves no detail left out, is why I was granted a patent in such short order. It was particularly refreshing and reassuring to know that if I had a question, I could call the folks at Inventorprise and a real person would take my call or they would correspond with me via email without delay. On another note, the things I've learned from going through the process have been hugely beneficial with my pursuits of my invention. To date, I have raised $100,000 in venture capital to get it to market. As an inventor, I highly recommend PatentEase.

Tom Versen

February 18, 2005

As an independent inventor filing my first patent application on my own, I found your software to be extremely helpful. It was very easy to learn, did everything I needed it to, and had Help that not only explained the how the software works but also answered many of my questions about the patent process itself. What completely blew me away, however, was the support. Given how little I paid for the software, I didn't think I'd even get through to customer service. Instead I got the most responsive, thorough support I've ever received from a software company. Many thanks for everything.

Jeff Hunt

February 14, 2005

...I can see where your software will be a huge help. It surprises me because I've always heard from other inventors that the softwares available don't help. Well, it sure helped me in a big way and I'll spread the word. Your company is providing a great opportunity for those who would have to prematurely abandon new products with potential, based on the upfront financial requirements. So, what's that really worth?

Buck Albritton
Vice President
Gearmax Inc

November 17, 2003

Thank you for all your assistance, a half billion dollar company has sent my prototypes to China to cost out and is considering licensing it now. If they license the ROI on this invention will nearly be 100%. I couldn't have done it without your software!

Lisa V. Lloyd
Chief Visionary
Invention University

June 27, 2003

As an inventor with 80 US issued US patents, I would recommend the software package PatentEase to anyone that has great ideas that wants to apply for a patent without going broke. I would rather invest $349 once and do most of the writing myself than pay $5,000 for a full patent application over and over again. The software package is so well written, you just fill in the proper information and claims pop out!

Mark V. Pierson

June 10, 2003

PatentEase is the best software an inventor can use for drafting his/her own patent applications. PatentEase has the simple step by step instructions that makes it very user friendly.
Even people with limited patent process knowledge should be able to use it.

Victor Lavrov

April 15, 2003

Hallelujah to the heavens above! I just wrote my own first patent and it saved me $5,000.00.

Even when I had a minor question or two.... your staff (Chris Mayes) was incredible. I was never lost in the shuffle of phone calls and every single email was answered with the help requested.

As you know us guys are notorious for not wanting to read the darn instructions and the video helper was awesome!

I will never be able to say thank you enough for allowing the inventor to flourish though the Patent Ease program and software.

Thanks so so much!

Ric Steel
Steelworks Inc.

November 15, 2002

PatentEase saved me thousands of dollars, helped me to get a better understanding of my product, and gave me the tools I needed to present my product successfully to potential customers. The customer support is the best I've ever experienced, (NO PHONE PROMPTS) real people that deliver immediate results. Get it!

Tom Versen
Blue Sky Productions

October 16, 2002

We are always on the lookout for programs that will educate and make the arduous journey of the independent inventor a little easier. PatentEase is one of those programs. Keep up the good work!

Bob Lougher
Executive Director
United Inventors Association

July 1, 2002

A viable alternative for many inventors. A lot of critical thinking has gone into developing this product. It (PatentEase) actually writes the claims for you. This is a remarkable achievement. For once, an interactive program that really works! This product was developed by the sharpest patent minds in the business. Their goal was to maximize your chances of successfully patenting your invention and to do so at minimum cost to you. Not only does it write the claims, but it writes them in order of importance. Use it and you will feel even better about your own invention! The design of the product is straightforward and logical. You owe it to yourself to try it.

Risto A. Rinne, Jr.
Registered Patent Agent

June 13, 2002

After viewing the program and then testing my own "invention" through PatentEase, I can honestly say that I had little or no trouble following the format in assembling the information needed to create my own patent application. I found the program to be professionally presented and user friendly. Explanations provided in the text and video help features are clear and easy to understand. This program forces you to solidify your invention ideas but then makes completing the actual patent application documents a cinch.

Doug Boyce
SBDC at Binghamton University

June 10, 2002


Finally, there is a software program that takes the tedium and expense out of drafting a patent! The introduction of this product is a profound milestone for inventors and businesses alike. For the first time in history the most difficult part of creating a patent, the drafting of claims, has been automated. PatentEase breaks new ground and opens affordable opportunities to innovators everywhere!

Michael Tortajada
Independent Inventor

June 8, 2002

If you ever thought about writing a patent, treat yourself to the fabulous PatentEase program. Nothing could be easier or more practical to use! It's very user friendly. A lovely program. You don't have to be a computer techie or a patent lawyer. Just type and click away.

Janet M. Sutera
Independent Inventor and Library Specialist

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