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Inventors Connection of Greater Cleveland
Brooklyn, OH

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We will be having an open networking meeting. By helping each other, members discover a powerful, enthusiastic, and effective force for opening doors. Public welcome.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are planned for the first Monday of every month. Networking starts at 6:15. Registration begins at 6:45 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location

Brooklyn Branch
Cuyahoga County Library
4480 Ridge Road
Brooklyn, OH 44136


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About Us

We have about 60 active members, and membership is open to anyone. Our goal is to provide an environment of learning, with emphasis on helping the inventor through networking. With the motto, "From the Mind To The Marketplace," we encourage innovative and inventive efforts of all kinds, we provide information to members with regard to protection and marketing of ideas at the lowest possible cost consistent with quality results, and we help inventors translate their ideas into inventions and marketable products.

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Membership Dues

$35 annually for those who want to support our efforts. There is no admission for visitors, thus dues are totally voluntary. We will not turn away anyone who cannot afford dues, or chooses not to pay them.


Don Bergquist
PO Box 360804
Cleveland, OH 44136
Phone: 440-238-1210

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