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Greater Burlington, VT

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Monthly, second Thursday of each month, meetings begin at 7 p.m.

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Greater Burlington, VT



About Us

With the slogan ?Mountains of Innovation,? InventVermont is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educate and assist Vermont inventors develop and market their ideas. This is accomplished through:

Education and Networking - Monthly meetings are held featuring speakers who are experts in fields of interest to Vermont inventors. These meetings provide education to inventors on ways to develop their ideas and bring them to inventors can tap the resources of other inventors or business people to facilitate the market. Time for networking is provided at the end of each meeting.

Private Inventor Help Sessions - These confidential sessions offer inventors the opportunity to have their invention idea reviewed by peers possessing a variety of skills. These sessions provide objective feedback on their idea and generate multiple solutions to problems they are encountering in the commercialization of the idea. A non-disclosure agreement protects the inventor and allows him/her to share freely.

Invention Development Teams - This initiative focuses on commercializing promising product ideas of our members. Ideas are solicited from InventVermont members and evaluated by a review committee. The ideas with the most potential for success are matched with a group of individuals and service providers to develop the idea.

For information,

President -- Norm Etkind
VP, Confidential Meetings -- Tim Peery
VP, Development Teams -- Thomas G. Ference
Treasurer -- Larry J. Noles

Membership Dues

Individual Membership: Any person who has an interest in inventing and turning their inventions into products or helping others do so may become a member with a $10 annual membership fee.

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P.O. Box 82
Woodbury, VT 05681
Phone: (802) 472-8741

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